Specs / Quality

ShoulderJointAt Toff Industries we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality awnings and canopies manufactured in the U.S. By using only the best possible components, Toff awnings far outlast their competitors and provide homeowners with a safe, beautiful retractable awning that will be enjoyed for years.

Toff’s SolarShield retractable awnings combine the strength of stainless steel with the durability of outdoor acrylic fabrics to give you a retractable awning that’s not only beautiful, but also incredibly secure. SolarShields are made and manufactured right here in the U.S., ensuring that every component passes Toff’s strict standards for quality and safety. As a result, every SolarShield comes with a lifetime warranty to guarantee satisfaction every time.

Not all outdoor awnings come with the same quality standards as Toff’s SolarShield. Before settling on an outdoor awning, consider comparing the quality and durability of competitor’s awnings. Be aware that conventional awning construction can rust, decreasing the lifetime and security of your awning.

These same parts can also freeze in cold weather, causing them to expand, contract or even break, making it more difficult to operate the awning. Plastic and aluminum joints can also break down over time, leaving you with costly repairs or the cost of replacing the entire awning. Inferior fabric can also break down over time, splitting, molding, and disintegrating if left out in the weather.

Unlike standard awnings, SolarShield is made with non-corrosive materials and durable parts. The stainless steel construction and specialized acrylic fabrics keep the SolarShield retractable awning functioning perfectly in every season year after year.

The unique design of the SolarShield retractable awnings also means less stress on you and your home. The specialized joints of the SolarShield absorb the impact of strong winds, rain, and storms to reduce stress on your house. SolarShield retractable awnings are not only an investment in quality and comfort, they’re also a lifetime investment in your home.