Additional Commercial Awnings

Business Awnings That Help You Drive Traffic

Toff, a leading manufacturer of high-quality residential awnings, has adapted its durable and elegant commercial designs to meet the rising needs of today’s commercial market. Our storefront awnings are designed to reflect the beauty and strength of your business while providing the shade and shelter your customers require.

 Our large selection of weather and sun-resistant fabrics gives you control over the aesthetics as well as the function of your new awning.These awnings offer you a perfect opportunity for additional signage to draw even more customers to the establishment.Not only do Toff’s commercial awnings provide comfort and beauty, they provide protection as well. Each awning is made with the highest quality acrylic fabric designed to withstand harsh UV light and protect valuable merchandise from the sun’s damaging rays.

The quality craftsmanship of Toff’s stationary awnings has skillfully been applied to develop Toff’s portable structures, giving business owners the flexibility to relocate these freestanding canopies as needed. Whether extending outdoor seating or providing shade at special events, the portability and durability of Toff’s awnings are second to none.