Every patio awning and outdoor awning made by Toff is designed to last a lifetime, but they do require occasional maintenance in order to keep them looking and functioning like new. All outdoor awnings should be inspected and cleaned to minimize unnecessary wear and kept away from tree branches and brush, which could damage awning components.


Monthly Maintenance for Outdoor Awnings

To avoid unnecessary wear and damage, consider performing the following maintenance on a monthly basis: To avoid stains and keep your awning looking new, remove twigs, leaves and large debris from the top and underside of the awning; rinse the awning using clean water and allow it to dry completely before retracting. If you live near salt water, hose down the awning at least once a month to avoid salt damage.


Annual Maintenance for Patio Awnings

In addition to monthly maintenance, retractable awnings also need special care annually or semi-annually. Consider performing the following tasks on your retractable awning every year:

  • After hosing off the awning, use a sponge to scrub the fabric using mild soap.
  • Thoroughly rinse the awning using clean water.
  • Use lubricating aerosol spray to oil and lubricate all of the moving parts of your retractable awning.