Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Advantages of a SolarShield Retractable Awning?
    • SolarShield is the only lateral arm awning system to introduce a “spring-loaded” shoulder joint to instantly absorb the shock of sudden winds and heavy rains. SolarShield also has aluminum powder coated frame and components. These, along with stainless steel cables and hardware, make the SolarShield retractable awning virtually maintenance-free.
  • What are the advantages of retractable awnings?
    • Retractable awnings are unique in their ability to allow for expansion of living space without construction or unsightly poles or frames. Their versatility also gives homeowners a choice between sun and shade. For more information see the BENEFITS OF RETRACTABLE AWNINGS page.
  • What is a “spring” loaded shoulder joint?
    • Shoulder joints are the point of highest stress in retractable awnings where the extension arm of the awning attaches to the mounting frame. Spring-loaded joints are shoulder joints that are designed to act as a shock-absorber so that they instantly protect the awning from damage due to wind and rain. They also protect your home from unnecessary stress due to weather.
  • Can the SolarShield Retractable Awning be used in rain or wind?
    • If installed properly with the recommended pitch, the SolarShield is safe to use in light to moderate wind and rain. Never leave your SolarShield unattended while it’s extended as heavy rains could cause unwanted water pooling on the fabric and heavy winds could cause potential frame damage.
  • Will a retractable awning put any stress on the home?
    • Toff subjected the SolarShield to standard wind load tests against ordinary 2″x4″ construction (standard home construction) and the SolarShield was proven to withstand 40 mph winds without any adverse effects. Due to the special mechanical design of the SolarShield, the springs will generally release under extreme pressure before any structural problems can occur.
  • What maintenance is required?
    • Toff uses only the highest quality materials and construction for all its awnings and canopies, resulting in virtually maintenance-free products. Keep in mind, though, that every outdoor awning needs some degree of maintenance and you’ll need to wash the fabric once a year with a sponge and mild soap. If you live near the ocean, Toff recommends washing it once a month to cut down on salt damage. For additional information and details, visit our MAINTENANCE page.

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