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Become part of the Toff family and maximize your sales and profits though the Toff Dealer Promotion Program.

This comprehensive partnership program combines our quality craftsmanship with a first-rate marketing package to help you increase sales and promote exceptional awning products throughout your marketing area.


Join the Toff Team

Toff is dedicated to providing you with every opportunity to develop marketing and advertising programs that maximize the selling potential in your area.

For example, your company will continually benefit from our full in-house art department for producing artwork and graphics, including your logo, on your Toff awnings.

We can also provide you with digital graphics, postcards, ad slicks and brochures to supplement your online ad campaign. In addition, we can supply you with showroom samples to help you showcase the craftsmanship and quality of the Toff Industry line of products.

What’s more, with the Toff Dealer Promotion Program, you will gain access to technical experts, product specialists and consumer advocates dedicated to the high standards of our product and advertising.

We believe in accommodating you — even at in the busiest seasons — to help you meet your clients’ needs.


Toff Dealer Support and Services

Regardless of the order, we believe in inspecting every shipment to make sure it meets Toff quality standards. Toff guarantees that every awning is 100% American made with the highest qualities in metals, fabrics, and components.

Dealer Promotion Program Highlights:

  • Highest quality manufacturing – 100% American Made
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Display programs for showrooms and homes
  • Technical support and services
  • Product shipment within 10 working days — even during the busiest seasons of the year
  • Accommodation of rush orders
  • Huge selection of colors, textures and fabrics
  • Every item inspected twice before shipping
  • Sales territories and turf are respected and protected
  • Toff Lead Referral Program

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Email – or call us toll-free at (800) 723-7048.


Become a Member of our Growing Network

By joining the Toff Dealer Promotion Program, you’ll be partnering with a recognized industry leader in outdoor awnings. With over 30 years in the business, we’re dedicated to quality construction and exceptional customer service.

With the Dealer Promotion Program your company reaps the benefits of decades of winning marketing strategies, online ad campaigns, and proven sales strategies.

Join today and see how Toff can help your business achieve unlimited potential!
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