About Us

30 Years of Setting the Quality Standard in Awnings

Established in 1980, Toff Industries has 3 decades of experience manufacturing the highest quality awnings and outdoor canopies to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. Our innovative designs and outstanding attention to quality make Toff one of the leading manufacturers of retractable awnings for the home and office.

We’ve designed our products around our consumers and continue to provide a warm, friendly approach to manufacturing and selling awnings that meet the needs of homes and businesses around the country. Our focus has always been on quality and providing consumers with products that will last a lifetime.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. We value each and every client, whether they’re a large business or an individual homeowner, and we value their feedback and input in our company. In fact, we believe that every consumer, large or small, is a member of our team, helping us maintain the quality and integrity of our products. As a result, our teams continue to evolve and create new and interesting products every year. Toff Industries has been a member of the Northeast Canvas Products Association and a member of the Industrial Fabrics Association International for more than 25 years.